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Three years away from this blog is too long. During that time, we’ve managed to grow both of our Etsy stores. The Old Parlor Prints store has more than 600 reprints available. One of my favorite additions has been the reprints we’ve adapted from our copy of Dr. G. H. von Schubert’s “Natural History of the Plant Kingdom”. We got lucky when we found an 1887 edition on eBay for around $200. The book is in very good shape.

There are 54 plates in the book and very colorful. As of this evening, we’ve got 15 plates available on the store ready to order. We are rolling out the rest of the reprints throughout the year. I’ll discuss in future blog posts some the book’s highlights and which plants and flowers are on which plates….

Above is how the third plate looks.

This plate features the following plants:

valeriana officinalis – Valerian
fedia olitoria – lamb’s lettuce
crocus vernus – Dutch crocus
gladiolus comminus – cornflag
iris pseudacorus – paleyellow iris
montia fontana – water blinks
scirpus lacustris – bulrush
cyperus esculentus – Yellow Nutsedge
rhynchospora alba – white beak-sedge
eriophorum latifolium – common cottongrass

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