Lakewood (Ohio) Library Exhibit – Sept 2018

We ended up taking the summer off — which explains the lack of blog posts — and part of it was spent in China.  My wife and son got to spend more time there than I did.  But now that our son is back in school, I’m making an effort to post more often. In fact, our next blog entry will probably be the 1870 Johnson’s Australia and East Indies map!

If you live in the Lakewood/Cleveland, Ohio area, stop by the Lakewood Library from now (September 5th) to the end of the month.  We have 20 map reprints on display up on the second floor.  If you have a school-aged child, they might like to enter the children’s library scavenger hunt.   Five lucky winners will win a kid-sized (13″x19″) of our 1862 Johnson’s Map of the World on Mercator’s Projection!

Here are the 20 maps we decided to exhibit (links are to existing blog posts and/or to our Etsy store’s listings):

1862 Johnson’s Map of New York and the Adjacent Cities

1902 Pittsburgh Panorama

1862 Johnson’s Map of the World on Mercator’s Projection

1870 Johnson’s Ohio

1912 Cleveland, Ohio

1911 Cleveland Harbor (Nautical Chart)

1870 Johnson’s New Chart of National Emblems 

1893 Topographical map of the Hawaiian Islands

1929 Lake Erie (Nautical Chart)

1862 Johnson’s New Military Map of the United States

1916 Great Lakes (Nautical Chart)

1882 Cincinnati, Ohio and suburbs

1878 Railroad Map of Michigan

1887 Cleveland, Ohio panorama

1861 Beijing, China

1912 Tianjin, China

1862 Johnson’s Florida

1870 Johnson’s North America

1870 Johnson’s Africa

1870 Johnson’s Australia & East Indies

Have fun getting lost in a map!



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