1902 Pittsburgh Panorama

Framed 1902 Pittsburgh panorama map reprint
retouched and framed reprint of 1902 panorama map of Pittsburgh based on original map at the Library of Congress
(Original map housed at the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division)

Sports-wise, 1902 was a really exciting year for Pittsburgh. The 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates won a second straight National League pennant, won 103 games, and allowed only 4, yes, 4, home runs all season. (Imagine that happening now!) The Pittsburgh Stars played their only season in the NFL and were named the league champions based on their point ratio since there wasn’t a championship title game during those days.

Close up #1
Close up of 1902 Pittsburgh panorama map – focusing on the Allegheny River

And judging by this panorama map dating from 1902, Pittsburgh was killing it as an industrial powerhouse.  Okay, it looks like industrial pollution was killing it too. Regardless, when I saw this in the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, I knew this would make an awesome reprint. If I remember correctly, this was the first non-Johnson’s Atlas map reprint we did.

Close up #2 of 1902 Pittsburgh panorama map
Close up of 1902 Pittsburgh panorama map – focusing on the Monongahela River

The map is drawn from the view point of a bird flying eastward, drawing attention to the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers as they give birth to the Ohio River.  Some points of interest from the day are also noted on the map.

Close up #3 of 1902 Pittsburgh panorama map
Close up of 1902 Pittsburgh panorama map – focusing on of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers as they create the Ohio river

And you need further evidence of the 1902 vibe running through this map, one of the publishers of the map had what i consider to be the ultimate Victorian-era name: Thaddeus Mortimer (T.M.) Fowler. If that name doesn’t scream a man who loved his bowler hats, waxed mustache, and genteel manners, I don’t know what does.

(Sidebar: it appears one James Moyer was his sidekick…but his name really doesn’t feel evocative of the time period.)

Itching to get a reprint of the map on Aurora Fine Art Paper?  You can get it here.


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